Salt Soak Tubes

Salt Soak Tubes

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Draw a hot bath, light your favorite candle, awaken your senses, allow love to flow in, and allow yourself to receive all of the blessings that are coming your way. 

Awaken: Notes of grapefruit & frankincense soothe your soul while you soak in pain relieving cannabis infused skin nourishing oils. Butterfly pea flowers that will turn your bath water a dreamy light blue. Pink Himalayan salt to detox gently. 

Renew: Notes of sweet orange & calendula flowers fludder the room with so much love. Enjoy the light hint of tea tree and frankincense as they lovingly heal every part of your skin that need it most. Organic goat milk creates a beautiful white shade against the orange calendula flowers and dried citrus triangles. It’s a whole vibe. 

These magical soaks are made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial anything, and never any perfume fragrances. 

Elevate your self care.